Our Leader’s Children

One of the things that can be said about Donald Trump (and I’m not completely a fan) is that his children are not boozy bar sluts (like the Bush girls) or out of control party skanks (like at least one of the Obama kids) or hideously ugly nerds (like the Clinton kid). This says something important about him, both as a man and as a father.

exempli gratia:

Screen Shot 2017-11-20 at 16.26.58

This is a young lady whose father was, for a while, the chief executive of the United States. However, she saw him in those private moments, when he was being berated and cut down by his own wife. She internalized her mother’s obvious lack of respect, and felt that she had no boundaries on her behavior. Today, as a young woman, she is completely bereft of the security of such behavioral checks, and she acts out accordingly.

There was a report I heard, at some point around 2009, in which Michelle Obama angrily berated her husband at a state dinner. The story went on to say that he just stayed quiet while his wife was castigating him in public. Was this report true? I don’t have a source, but I believe it was. Imagine, if you will, being the most powerful man in the world, and being completely unable to tell your own bitch wife to shut her trap, when she’s distracting other important people from doing business. Moreover, imagine what these incidents of public humiliation will teach your children.

Today, Malia Obama is at Harvard, with other children of privilege. She’s got a secret service retinue, and enough money to do whatever she wants. How does she act? Exactly like a trashy teenager in the trailer park, with a stranger’s tongue down her throat, and his hand on her ass… desperately trying to piss off daddy.

Read more at the (ever classy) TMZ (here).


Divorce Court Follies

Screen Shot 2017-11-18 at 08.11.55
Getting divorced has the potential to be a very expensive undertaking. Of course, it’s difficult to end up in the docks of the divorce court, if you never marry to begin with. That’s one of the primary reasons I started this blog: to encourage you fellas to think twice before signing on that dotted line.

Let’s examine one of the more recent victims of this predatory scam, shall we? I bet we can learn a bit from someone else’s misfortune.

Armando filed for divorce in June 2011 after almost 14 years of marriage…

Married in 1998, Armando Montelongo (the poor schlub pictured above) decided to divorce his wife in 2011. He’s still in-n-out of court at the end of 2017. Is there an end in sight? Not so long as he has some more money to steal.

Veronica was trying to collect the final payments of the couple’s original agreement, which promised her $4,000 a week in alimony plus an additional annual payment of $250,000 for five years, according to the couple’s “Agreement Incident to Divorce.” The agreement was referenced in an August court filing with the Bexar County district court.

So, let’s do the math. Armando is paying this ho’ 250,000 USD in a lump sum, every year (1 Jan?). Then he is forced to pay that same wimminz 4000 USD, every week, for the rest of the year.


That’s four hundred fifty eight thousand tax free USD per annum.

I dare say that’s much more than most of us make, working straight jobs. I also estimate that the average successful bookie, prostitute or crack dealer doesn’t make that much money, for all their hustling. Yet, there is a skank-ho in Bexar County, Texas, who expects this money (taxes paid on the back end, to be sure) to flow in for doing precisely… nothing.

In her August court filing, Veronica wanted her former beau locked up in Bexar County Jail if he failed to comply with a court order enforcing the divorce agreement. She also wanted him to pay $1,000 a day until he complied.

That’s what a loving wife does to her husband. She uses the state to extort money from him, under penalty of prison, while she plays the fool, runs with other men, and gets her nails done.

Doesn’t this make you boys want to get married? Me too!

It never came to that, however. Court records show the two reached an agreement that was signed by state District Judge Solomon J. Casseb III last week. No details of the agreement were disclosed in the court order, but it indicated that Armando had paid in full “all alimony, child support obligations and and all other obligations that have accrued to date.”

When I see a phrase like “no details of the agreement were disclosed” I chuckle. If I thought the poor guy got off easy, my misconception was dispelled in that sentence.

Read more at San Antonio Express-News (here)

Alone Again!

Because he knows that so many of you brothers are itching to get into a long-term relationship, and because he has a knack for finding the most eligible and marriage-worthy females, our brother Red Pill Latecomer (on Dalrock) has found this ad. Thank him here. (link)

Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 08.59.26

She begins by telling all you fellas that she hates her life, going on to explain that she’s about 6 months pregnant with her third child, and that she made life so intolerable that even the father of the upcoming baby has left.

She sure sounds like a prize catch of a wimminz! Fortunately, this wonderful wimminz does not “believe in casual sex” but she insists that she does “believe in marriage and lots of sex after.” Aren’t any of you brothers jumping at your chains to become her “best friend… protector… love…” ?

Contact our empowered single mom here if you want to pay her bills and raise her bastards. (link)

My Favorite Elderly Prostitute

This morning, my nigga honeycomb alerted me to the fact that the “proud slut” who goes by the stage name “Shahrazad” had pulled her latest video. It is common for trashy hoez to get just enough self-awareness to become embarrassed after playing the jackass, and I assumed this is what had happened. Sadly, I was mistaken.

Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 09.27.38

It seems that the shameful censors over at google have decided that we shouldn’t be entertained by this aging slattern. I do have mixed feelings about this clear violation of net neutrality. “Shahrazad” was willfully vulgar and constantly obscene; however, her profane solicitude was not merely served up for its own sake. Whether she knew it or not, “Shahrazad” was offering rare glimpses into the female psyche.

“Shahrazad” explains that the censors pulled her channel after giving her numerous warnings about content…

Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 09.27.13

I had been reticent to post this, given that one of the few rules at Casa Boxer is absolute anonymity; but I have been suitably convinced that the name she uses is as fake as Kardashian’s tits. With this in mind, and given the sad fact that she’s being silenced by a large corporation, I decided to dig up a promotion. In case any of you brothers are actually needy enough to pay big dollaz in order to fulfill your granny fetish, here she is in all her glory.

Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 09.20.32

Aside from the fact that she has worked for a school district, “Shahrazad” does give us an interesting glimpse into her background. She is, apparently, the daughter of Iranian immigrants to Germany. She, herself, moved to the U.S. as a child. She has abandoned her ancestor’s honorable Muslim faith, in order to chase enlightenment in a new-age (rhymes with sewage) kooky cult. (That’s very San Diego.) She is, unsurprisingly, a divorced hoe, and any reasonable person can safely assume that it is not her exorbitant “fees” which support her, but that she continues to ride the coattails of whatever unfortunate man was silly enough to wife her up, cashing his alimony checks monthly, for the rest of his life, as is the custom in California.

Thus we see the deracinated, alienated, rootless consumer in action. She has no culture and no homeland. She has no sense of community, and no sense of decorum, self-respect, shame or understatement. She is the perfect citizen of our global plantation.

Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 09.20.02

Her stated fees on her web page run her professional time at 300/hr, or 6000/day. I have never hired a professional prostitute before, and I’m forced to wonder if this is realistic. Maybe one of the MGTOW bros could school me.

Note that I have hired attorneys before; and I can get one of the better attorneys in my town, with his paralegal, to do a day’s work (including piecemeal office staff work on the back end) for 2000.00. With this in mind, it’s difficult to believe that anyone has ever actually paid “Shahrazad” 6000.00 for a day of her “labor.”

She has profiles available on several of the prostitution sites. Here is a satisfied customer, who apparently paid at least three c-notes.

Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 09.18.00

Here is another one, almost precisely similar to the first. While the original was written by “Panchito,” this one is ostensibly penned by “Man 4821”. He describes her as a “gem.” These reviews are so solicitous, I wonder if she didn’t sock up and write them for self-promotion.

Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 10.04.48

And here is a sample of her photos.

Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 09.02.19

Objectively, I suppose we can admit that she looks better than her age (she claims to be about 55).

As I dredged up this stuff this morning, I couldn’t help but feel a bit of regret on her behalf. Here is an old woman who ought to be enjoying time with her dozen Muslim grandchildren, living the reward of years of fidelity to her husband. She should be swinging around with him on the dance floor, traveling, writing books about gardening or cooking, and basking in the respect and dignity of an examined life. Instead, she’s peddling her saggy ass on the internet, begging strangers to part with a couple of hundred bucks, in return for her spreading her well-worn meat flaps. She’s writing books about being a trashy sex worker, and embarrassing her family on a youtube channel so vulgar that google couldn’t stomach it.

I decided not to link to her web page, because my interested viewers can simply type it in from one of the screenshots, and, well, it’s even too crass for ya boy Boxer. Such is the state of the world we live in.

Note: An implicit copyright of some or all of the preceding work is duly noted. This review is published as a transformative work, in order to 1. educate the public, 2. parody the material, 3. comment upon general social trends. My impression is that the author is being unfairly censored. Be that as it may, if “Shahrazad” or her agent would like to respond or request a retraction, the comment box is the place to do it. 


The More Men She F*cks (2)

Back in April, we met “Shahrazad,” who explained that “the more men I f*ck, the greater is my value.”

Now she’s back, to peddle her new book, entitled (unsurprisingly) The F*ck List. She goes on to explain that she doesn’t have sex with just anyone. She seeks out young, fit, good looking men to bang, and she boasts that her “schedule” along with her job (she claims to be an escort) often necessitates servicing multiple cocks per day.

Personally, I think she’s lying, both about her job, and about being so discriminating. As she speaks, check out the crazy eyes, the turkey neck, the weird, high cheekbones in her wrinkly, wall-hitting face.

Brothers, was there ever a time that you’d shell out good money, just to bang this sad old bag?

I didn’t think so.

Red Pill Latecomer, one of the champions of the Dalrock research team, found the second video and the old fruitbat’s book. Check out his review here, and show him some love.

Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 07.18.38

Jesus Christ. How embarrassing.

False Accusations

The female brain is such that a bitch, when she’s properly motivated, can dream up any scenario, and will not waver from accusing you of doing or saying anything, if it supports whatever makes her feel good in the moment.

This bitch (an unremarkable redhead) suddenly reappeared about a month ago. I had fucked her last summer a couple of times, and subsequently given her the brush with no drama. She wanted some more of Boxer, and Boxer obliged.


So, we met up for a bit of fucking. All seemed to go well. I bounced, and suddenly, she remembered how mean and rude and rudely mean I had been, all those months before. She had to text me about this affront immediately, asking me if I really meant all the mean stuff I said.

I kept blowing her off and deleting the conversations until finally, I offered to make material amends for my crap behavior — provided she could pony up some evidence of same.

Supposedly, I had hurt little princess deeply, by insulting her womanhood, or something. Problem is, I archive all my conversations; and no such squabble ever took place. This nonsense is not at all uncommon, but it does throw the recipient into confusion, if he’s not accustomed to wimminz and their shallow dealings.

How to explain this strange phenomenon? There are a couple of distinct possibilities, which I rank in order of descending probability.

  1. Bitch had said squabble with some other dick she was riding last summer.
  2. Bitch is a drama queen, and is making shit up for attention.
  3. Bitch is genuinely psychotic, living in a dream world.

Scenario 1 is slightly more likely than 2, only because bitch caused no drama whatever last summer. Either bitch got her feelz hurt by someone she has mistaken for me, or she got her feelz hurt by a man and she needs me (a man) to pay the price for hurting those precious feelz.

Naturally, once any bitch has gone down this road, pride precludes a reasonable reversal. No bitch is ever wrong, even when her dumb ass is.

This is an annoying but fairly common scenario, which young brothers should note well. Remember a few things when dealing with a bitch that pulls this sort of nonsense.

  1. Never complain, never explain.
  2. Don’t apologize, even if you did something resembling what she’s accusing you of.
  3. Don’t panic.

This tedious sort of chickie theatre is, in fact, a blessing. Bitch who pulls this sort of line is tipping you off to the fact that she is completely unfit to fill any role other than “former fucktoy” in your life. Next her immediately, and without mercy.