Rollo Tomassi’s new book is now available.

Go buy Rollo’s book.


Rollo reached out to me late last week to let me know his latest book The Rational Male – Positive Masculinity is now available.  I picked up a copy on Kindle on Friday afternoon hoping to have time to finish it over the weekend, but so far have only made it through the first 18%.  What I have read so far is very good, including a moving tribute to The Private Man, and chapters on fatherhood from a “red pill” perspective.  Rollo has offered a full breakdown of the contents here.

Rollo writes from a secular perspective, but a solid understanding of the sexual marketplace, the importance of a man’s frame, and the devastation feminists have wreaked on the institution of marriage is just as important for Christians as it is for non Christians.  For a primer on how a Christian husband can approach the topic of Game, see

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