Why I Am Not A Christian

One of Brazil’s most popular porn stars caused an uproar with her fellow Evangelical Christians when she said God is totally cool with her job: fucking hundreds of men, and selling the films of this degeneracy to thirsty simps.

The New York Post reports that devoutly religious porn actress Kamilla Werneck caused the furor on the racy TV show Pornolondia, in which she explained why God won’t judge her for her trashy, immoral lifestyle.
Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 07.45.40


Author: Boxer

happy bachelor, iconoclast, frankfurt school. #Alt-Left

2 thoughts on “Why I Am Not A Christian”

  1. Are you trolling us Boxer?
    I do not dispute that such a woman brings disrespect and disrepute.
    But the fact that an immoral woman claims to be a Christian is not proof of much. Any more that we should say all men are thieves, due to proving hundreds of them are.

    I understand that a genuine obedience to God, that still results in flagrant immorality (ungodliness), shows that the genuine obedience to God is useless. But an obvious possibility is that the person does not in fact have genuine obedience to God.

    Plus, even as Christians, we remain sinful humans. Galatians 5:16-18. And thus I continue to do what I do not want to do… and then have to ask for forgiveness.

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