Never Forgive… Never Forget

Cursed is he who equates heroes with scoundrels. He shall meet an ignominious


Author: Boxer

happy bachelor, iconoclast, frankfurt school. #Alt-Left

3 thoughts on “Never Forgive… Never Forget”

  1. “Jesus’s mom was a single mom” – How dare he refer to the Theotokos that way? Comparing her to a slattern baby momma is an affront to the Lord.

    Of course, we know he says this drivel to make all the baby mommas in his club feel good about themselves: “Hey! I’m just like the Virgin Mary!”

  2. Was trotting down a mountain the other day, came up behind two gentlemen on the same trail, I approached then passed them, overhearing their conversation.
    They were discussing a fellow, I’ll call him “J” (literally his name started with J).
    J, they said, is one of those guys who seems to be good at everything. Physical, athletic, he’s a lawyer and has degrees in both biology and chemistry and he’s considering going to medical school to boot.
    Then one of them says, “but he doesn’t have a girlfriend, so I guess he isn’t good at everything”.
    They go on, “but I guess it’s because he isn’t interested in single mom’s, which, Iiiiiii guess, there’s a lot of”.
    A discussion ensues between the two men where words are indeed expressed along the lines of “he doesn’t want someone else’s leftovers”, but nevertheless the words end with their agreement that this is in fact selfish of J, to not be willing to take on “someone else’s leftovers”.

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